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    PVC windows and doors

  • Painting and facade

    Painting and facade

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    Work in Hotels & Resorts

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    Work on vessels

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Doors and windows

The company is engaged in the manufacture and installation of PVC joinery and shades.
With years of experience in the field of PVC windows and doors, we have carefully selected the best quality materials, innovative world leading manufacturer SCHUCO.

Painting and facades

Our services cover all painting services (facades and painting) for individual construction or renovation. The material used for the best and advanced technology which are the foundation of our success.


We have experience with parts in luxurious hotels. Drywall systems, insulation of attic space, partition-partition walls, suspended ceilings, wall cladding dry plaster, lining the walls with insulation, dry flooring, installation of interior doors.


Professional installation interior design. The company is specialized in the assembly of complex areas, such as yachts, boats and other vessels and for similar advanced features. Buildings that require particular precision and skill to complete installer.


About Us

We are a young company with valuable years of experience and plenty of work enthusiasm. We perform all types of building completion, while always adapted to the wishes and needs of our clients. Particularly excels in drywall construction of wall, ceiling systems and building hardware.

The company’s vision

Vision of our company is high quality and within the agreed time-frame work. We guarantee professional and professional services rendered and to help you cost-effective solutions for your home, business premises or your boat.